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combien y a-t-il de morts pour la France sur les monuments de nos communes ?



Le site recense toutes les informations sur les soldats morts pour la France. Grâce à ce travail, bénévole, de fourmi, voici une carte interactive qui permet de visualiser le nombre de morts dans les communes de votre département.

Cliquez sur votre département, puis sur la commune de votre choix. Vous y trouverez le nombre de morts recensés dans la localité ainsi qu’un lien permettant de consulter les noms des victimes.

Cliquez ici pour accéder à la carte

Attention, certains relevés par commune sont partiels, tandis qu’un même soldat a pu être inscrit sur plusieurs monuments aux morts, faussant parfois toute tentative de comptabilité.

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Dubai Floods Expose Weaknesses to a Rapidly Changing Climate



The heavy rains that flooded Dubai last week halted air traffic, damaged buildings and streets — and left climate experts and common citizens asking whether one of the world’s hottest and driest cities should be better prepared for extreme storms.

Weather forecasters knew days in advance that a major storm was heading for the United Arab Emirates and authorities issued warnings asking citizens to stay home. Yet its largest city Dubai was still brought to a halt this week, with one of the worst rain events in decades flooding streets, homes and highways.

“Stormwater management systems were historically deemed an ‘unnecessary cost’ due to the limited rainfall” in the UAE, said Karim Elgendy, an associate fellow at the Environment and Society Centre at Chatham House. “As the variability of rainfall increases across the region and as the likelihood of such events rises, the economic case for such systems becomes stronger.”

Human-caused climate change is making extreme weather events like heat and rain more intense, frequent and harder to predict. The Middle East is forecast to face higher temperatures and a decline in overall rainfall, according to long-term scientific projections. But these very arid places will also experience storms that drop unprecedented rain, according to researchers. That’s forcing governments to consider whether to adapt to rare but destructive events — and how.

A driver walks through high water after abandoning his vehicle. Photo credit: Christopher Pike/Bloomberg

Abandoned vehicles in floodwaters. Photo credit: Christopher Pike/Bloomberg

Representatives for the UAE government didn’t immediately reply to a written request for comment.

“It’s a real tradeoff in thinking about the cost and the opportunity costs,” said Linda Shi, an assistant professor specializing in urban climate adaptation at Cornell University in the US. “These events are likely to be erratic and unpredictable.”

The UAE was battered on Tuesday by its heaviest downpour since records began in 1949. Scientists and weather forecasters attribute the storm to a large amount of moisture rising from warming seas to the atmosphere, before falling as rain over to the Arabian Peninsula.

El Niño, the climate phenomenon that makes seas warmer and alters weather patterns globally, may have affected the storm. Climate change can’t be ruled out as a factor, though more detailed studies are needed to establish its exact influence, several climatologists and forecasters told Bloomberg Green.

“While massive floods like this have occurred in the past, the huge scale and intensity of the rainfall that caused it are exactly what we are seeing more of in our warmer world,” said Hannah Cloke, a professor of hydrology at the University of Reading in the UK. “With so much rain falling all at once, even carefully designed drainage systems will struggle to cope.”

Damaged vehicles after a portion of a roadway collapsed. Photo credit: Christopher Pike/Bloomberg
A Ferrari sportscar surrounded by broken window glass in a showroom damaged by floodwater. Photo credit: Christopher Pike/Bloomberg

The floods drew immediate attention to the UAE’s cloud-seeding program, which involves injecting particles into clouds that can influence rainfall. But it will take “significant data analysis” to ascertain the role, if any, it played in making the rains more extreme, according to Auroop Ganguly, a civil and environmental engineering professor at Northeastern University in Boston. “Often major floods in a city relate to urban drainage and related infrastructures,” he said.

Dubai and the UAE more broadly were unprepared for such a large amount of water falling over such a short period. Drainage systems quickly proved insufficient to absorb the deluge. Underground garages completely flooded, with water flowing into streets, highways and homes.

The Dubai Civil Defence use a bowser to remove water from a flooded highway. Photo credit: Christopher Pike/Bloomberg
A man on a flooded highway near residential buildings. Photo credit: Christopher Pike/Bloomberg

Tankers were deployed to pump water from streets once the storm passed, but some communities, lakes and local football grounds remained waterlogged days later. The impacts continue to ripple outward. Shelves in some local supermarkets were still empty on Thursday evening. Schools were shut for four days and government employees were asked to work from home where possible. Dubai’s international airport said Friday afternoon it was allowing departures to operate but it was limiting the number of inbound flights for the next 48 hours.

“Cities in arid regions may be especially ill-prepared for heavy rain events because buildings, landscapes and infrastructure have not been designed with drainage capacity as a primary concern,” said Zachary Lamb, an assistant professor in the Department of City and Regional Planning at the University of California at Berkeley in the US. “Climate change is unsettling long-held assumptions about landscape and climate conditions that have informed the design and planning of buildings and cities for generations.”

Police cordon off a section of Sheikh Zayed Road after the rainstorm. Photo credit: Christopher Pike/Bloomberg

Dubai is not alone in facing that problem. Last year, a superstorm burst dams in Libya, causing floods that wreaked havoc in the city of Derna and killed at least 5,000 people. Parts of Beijing were also submerged last year after the Chinese capital was battered by the heaviest rainfall in 140 years of weather records. The flooding washed away homes and caused dozens of fatalities.

“Dubai can only prepare for what it sees as being within the range of probability for the future,” said Lisa Dale, a climate adaptation specialist at Columbia University in the US. “Predictions for future weather patterns foundationally rely on past weather patterns, leaving many governments unprepared for climate change impacts that are not historically common.”

Top photograph: Vehicles abandoned in flood water on a highway on April 17, 2024; Photo credit: Christopher Pike/Bloomberg


Copyright 2024 Bloomberg.


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Oklahoma Bus Driver Crashes Into Building After Being Punched by Passenger



OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A man was arrested after being accused of punching an Oklahoma City bus driver and causing the bus to crash into a building.

Oklahoma City police reported only minor injuries stemming from the Saturday wreck.

Authorities said the passenger asked the driver to let him off at an unauthorized stop in northwest Oklahoma City. When the driver declined, the passenger started hitting him.

“The suspect then began punching the driver in the face and removed him from the driver seat. This caused the bus to leave the roadway,” said Lt. Jeff Cooper with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

The bus crashed into a lumber business. Two people inside the building were unhurt, police said.

Five passengers were on the bus when it crashed and one was hospitalized with minor injuries, police said.

The driver was also hospitalized with minor injuries, Cooper said.

The man accused of assaulting the driver was taken into custody. Police did not immediately release his name or details on what charges he will face.

Copyright 2024 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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Republicans Weigh Rolling Back Anti-ESG Law They Passed



Lawmakers in Oklahoma are having second thoughts about anti-ESG legislation that limits which Wall Street banks local governments can do business with.

A Republican-introduced bill that would narrow the scope of a state law that blacklisted financial firms for their restrictions on lending to oil, gas and coal companies, is making its way through Oklahoma’s legislature.

The proposal comes as concerns mount that the 2022 law is driving up municipalities’ borrowing costs in the state. Three major municipal-bond underwriters — Bank of America Corp., Wells Fargo & Co. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. — are on a state list of companies considered to “boycott” the fossil fuels industry.

A new study published Monday from the Oklahoma Rural Association — a group representing smaller communities — found that the state is incurring “avoidable” costs as a result of the law.

According to Oklahoma’s Energy Discrimination Elimination Act, state agencies and political subdivisions can’t contract with a company unless it provides a written verification that it doesn’t boycott energy companies. In the 17 months since the law went into effect it’s cost the state and its governments $185 million in additional expenses, the study estimated.

“This increase in borrowing costs imposes an unnecessary financial burden on Oklahoma municipalities, potentially forcing them to cut spending on important public services or infrastructure projects, or raise taxes,” according to the report’s author, Travis Roach, an economics professor at the University of Central Oklahoma. The estimate is conservative, he noted.

The GOP stronghold is one of a handful of US states, including Texas, that enacted legislation targeting environmental, social and governance corporate policies in recent years, driving upheaval in local muni markets. Bank of America, Wells Fargo and JPMorgan are among the six companies considered energy boycotters by Oklahoma’s Republican State Treasurer Todd Russ. Since the law went into effect, the firms have seen their public finance business in the state dry up.

Bank of America was Oklahoma’s top muni bond underwriter in 2021 and has since ceded its spot to Robert W. Baird & Co., according to data compiled by Bloomberg. JPMorgan and Wells Fargo – also once major underwriters in Oklahoma — have also seen their public finance business there dwindle.

‘Free Market’ Barrier

Roach’s study compared the average coupon rate on muni bonds sold in Oklahoma against those of states without a similar law. He found that Oklahoma’s coupon rates are now 59 basis points higher than they would have been if the law didn’t pass.

“This number will continue to grow for as long as the EDEA policy restricts municipalities from participating in a free market and selecting banks that meet their economic needs,” he said.

Oklahoma’s Senate Bill 1510, would rein in the energy law so it only applies to state agencies and no longer applies to cities and counties.

The bill was introduced by Republican state senator Chuck Hall, who is the chief executive officer of Exchange Bank and Trust Co. He told the Oklahoma Voice that he didn’t think the law should pre-empt local decision-making. The legislation has advanced to the state house.

John Collison, director of the Oklahoma Rural Association, said that the bill is a “step in the right direction” and the group hopes it passes. Still, he said he would like to see more work done on the issue.

“The ideal outcome would be to get back to where we were two years ago and let the lending institutions lend to cities and municipalities and the state of Oklahoma at the best rate possible,” he said.

Copyright 2024 Bloomberg.


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Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. Acquires Australia’s Prasidium Credit Insurance



Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., the Rolling Meadows, Illinois-based broker, announced the acquisition of Australia’s Prasidium Credit Insurance.

Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

North Sydney-based Prasidium is a specialist trade credit insurance broker serving clients throughout Australia. Mark Smith, Stuart Prendergast, Mark Browning, Paul Daniele and their team will join Gallagher offices across Australia under the direction of Sarah Lyons, head of retail property/casualty brokerage operations for Gallagher in Australia and Asia.

“Prasidium has a strong record of growth and will enhance our trade credit capabilities in Australia,” said J. Patrick Gallagher Jr., chairman and CEO. “I am very pleased to welcome the Prasidium team to our growing, global company.”

Source: Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

Mergers & Acquisitions
A.J. Gallagher

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Grindr Sued in UK for Allegedly Sharing Users’ HIV Data With Ad Firms



Grindr Inc. was sued by users for sharing sensitive personal information, including their HIV status, with advertising companies in a London lawsuit.

The LGBTQ+ app allegedly shared information to third parties for commercial purposes without the users’ consent, which included data on ethnicity, sexual orientation and HIV test dates, according to law firm Austen Hays which filed the claim at the High Court Monday.

The service — described as the world’s largest social-networking app for gay, bi, trans, and queer people — was previously fined $6 million by Norway in 2021 for data privacy behavior that breached Europe’s strict privacy laws. The UK’s privacy watchdog, the Information Commissioner’s Office, also investigated the app and issued a warning against breaches.

The law firm filed the class action style claim on behalf of potentially hundreds of users. They say the data breach happened mainly before April 2018 and between May 2018 and April 2020 and included two adtech companies, Localytics and Apptimize.

“Grindr owes it to the LGBTQ+ community it serves to compensate those whose data has been compromised and have suffered distress as a result, and to ensure all its users are safe while using the app, wherever they are, without fear that their data might be shared with third parties,” Chaya Hanoomanjee, a lawyer at Austen Hays, said.

A spokesperson for Grindr didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

“We are committed to protecting our users’ data and complying with all applicable data privacy regulations, including in the UK,” Grindr said in a statement. “We intend to respond vigorously to this claim, which appears to be based on a mischaracterization of practices from more than four years ago.”

Photograph: The Grindr app logo. Photo credit: Leon Neal/Getty Images

Copyright 2024 Bloomberg.


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Sanofi to Pay $100 Million to Settle Zantac Cancer Lawsuits



Sanofi will pay more than $100 million to settle about 4,000 lawsuits accusing the French drugmaker of failing to warn users that its Zantac heartburn medicine could cause cancer, according to people familiar with the deal.

The settlement was announced earlier this month, but the amount was not made public at that time. The deal provides former Zantac users with an average of more than $25,000 per claim, said the people, who requested anonymity because they weren’t authorized to speak publicly.

But the relatively modest settlement should please Sanofi investors, who’ve worried in the past about the financial fallout of thousands of US lawsuits targeting Zantac makers such as Sanofi and GSK Plc, which originally developed the product.

Both companies’ shares rose to session highs after the news, with Sanofi up as much as 2% in Paris and GSK rising as much as 3% in London trading.

The settlement mainly applies to state court cases outside Delaware, where a judge is considering whether to allow the scientific evidence underlying more than 70,000 suits. A federal judge in Florida threw out more than 5,000 suits in 2022, saying the science behind the cancer claims was flawed.

Sanofi declined to comment on “speculation and rumors” about the settlement amount and denied that Zantac causes cancer. “Sanofi is settling these cases, not because we believe the claims have any merit, but rather to avoid the expense and ongoing distraction of the litigation,” a Sanofi spokesperson said.

The total payout on the accord will be affected by how many of the 4,000 plaintiffs choose to accept the settlement offer or continue litigating, the people said. Other cases could be removed from the settlement for procedural reasons, they added.

Concerns about exposure to the Zantac cases helped wipe out about $45 billion in market value from GSK and Sanofi’s stock in the summer of 2022. The shares have since recovered. Analysts say the companies still face billions in potential damages, however.

GSK has settled a number of Zantac suits in California for terms that weren’t disclosed. One case against the UK drugmaker is likely to make it to a jury is set to start April 30 in state court in Chicago. Angela Valadez, 89, contends she used the heartburn treatment for nearly 20 years before being diagnosed with cancer. GSK and Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH, another company that made and sold Zantac, are the defendants in the case.

Zantac hit the US market as a prescription drug in 1983 before becoming an over-the-counter heartburn treatment in 1996. It was owned by several companies, including Pfizer Inc. and Boehringer before Sanofi acquired it in 2017. Former users allege the companies knew Zantac posed a cancer risk and sold it anyway without warnings. Makers of a generic version of the drug also are being sued.

Zantac was recalled in 2019, about a month after an independent lab announced publicly it found the likely carcinogen NDMA in the drug. The lab’s research indicated Zantac’s active ingredient at the time — ranitidine — formed NDMA over time or in elevated temperatures. US regulators confirmed the findings in April 2020 and ordered the medicine off the market.

Sanofi has since won approval to return Zantac to US store shelves, but without ranitidine. It’s now made with famotidine, the active ingredient in competitor Pepcid. Zantac is still one of the US’s leading heartburn treatments in a market that generated $14 billion in sales last year.

Photo: A researcher prepares to test a bottle of Zantac at a lab in 2022. Photographer: Gabby Jones/Bloomberg

Copyright 2024 Bloomberg.


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General Motors (GM) earnings Q1 2024



The GM logo is seen on the facade of the General Motors headquarters in Detroit on March 16, 2021.

Rebecca Cook | Reuters

DETROIT — General Motors is set to report its first-quarter earnings before the bell Tuesday.

Wall Street expects General Motors to report solid, if not “resilient,” results for the first quarter of this year, largely driven by expectations that vehicle pricing remained higher than anticipated to begin the year, according to recent analyst notes. 

Here is what Wall Street is expecting, according to average estimates compiled by LSEG:

  • Earnings per share: $2.15 adjusted
  • Revenue: $41.92 billion

Those results would mark a 4.7% increase in revenue compared to a year earlier and a 3% decline in adjusted earnings per share. GM’s first-quarter 2023 results included $39.99 billion in revenue, net income attributable to stockholders of $2.4 billion and adjusted earnings before interest and taxes of $3.8 billion.

Aside from the results, some investors expect the company to raise its annual forecast, or, at the very least, guide toward the top of its previously announced targets.

GM’s 2024 guidance released in January included net income attributable to stockholders of $9.8 billion to $11.2 billion, or $8.50 to $9.50 in earnings per share; adjusted earnings before interest and taxes, or EBIT, of $12 billion to $14 billion; and adjusted automotive free cash flow between $8 billion and $10 billion.

The earnings guidance was largely better than GM’s results last year and in line with or higher than many Wall Street analysts’ expectations of flat results compared with 2023.

Investors will also be watching for any updates to GM’s electric vehicle plans, its Cruise autonomous car unit and its stock buyback program.

— CNBC’s Michael Bloom contributed to this report.

This is developing news. Please check back for additional updates.

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Arrivée imminente de ShibaSwap 2.0



5h00 ▪
min de lecture ▪ par
Mikaia A.

Shiba Inu, à l’origine du mèmecoin SHIB, surprend encore une fois. Sous la houlette de Shytoshi Kusama, l’équipe avance à grands pas, dépassant ses rivaux. Une nouvelle innovation se profile à l’horizon : l’exchange crypto décentralisé (DEX) ShibaSwap.

Chien Shiba Inu et lettres

Shytoshi Kusama et la saga de ShibaSwap : Vers de nouveaux horizons crypto

Shiba Inu n’est pas seulement une crypto, c’est un système en mouvement perpétuel. Longtemps raillé, ce memecoin évolue : sa blockchain Shibarium, son métavers SHIB : The Metaverse, les performances de ses jetons SHIB et BONE… L’article de CryptoPolitan révèle la diversité des projets de l’équipe de Shytoshi Kusama, prête à révolutionner l’écosystème Shiba.

« ShibaSwap V1.75 arrive « très bientôt » car « il fallait d’abord créer des nouveaux frères » …
… serait-ce Uniswap ?
C’est parti Shytoshi Kusama, Kaal Dhairya, merci pour tout ce que vous faîtes ! … »

Shytoshi Kusama, le cerveau derrière Shiba Inu, ne manque pas de faire parler de lui. Son dernier coup de maître ? La sortie imminente de ShibaSwap 1.75, prélude à une série d’événements en cascade pour le très attendu ShibaSwap 2.0. Et les rumeurs vont bon train dans la communauté crypto.

Kusama, en discussion avec les pontes de la technologie X sur le canal Telegram de Shibarium, expose les avancées futures. Récemment, il a évoqué des échanges de haut niveau portant sur le SHIB, suscitant un soutien massif dans la communauté Shiba Inu. Même une artiste influente a mentionné le symbolisme de la « trame chaude » dans son œuvre, alimentant encore plus l’engouement.

Quant à la question brûlante de ShibaSwap 2.0 soulevée par Karn, Kusama reste évasif, mais promet du lourd pour bientôt. D’après lui, la version 1.75 sera déployée en premier pour tisser de nouveaux liens et partenariats. « ShibaSwap 2.0 est imminent, c’est là que les choses sérieuses commencent. Mais, il semblerait que de nouveaux amis s’imposent », a-t-il déclaré, mystérieux.

La communauté Shiba Inu retient son souffle

Le premier échange décentralisé Web3 de l’écosystème Shiba Inu, ShibaSwap, a secoué le monde crypto depuis son lancement en juillet 2021. Avec des fonctionnalités innovantes permettant d’échanger des tokens comme BONE, SHIB et LEASH, il a su attirer l’attention des investisseurs, devenant numéro un selon CertiK en janvier 2023.

Critiqué pour ses lacunes, ShibaSwap 1.0 a laissé place à ShibaSwap 2.0 en 2023. Cette nouvelle version, intégrant une architecture améliorée, promet une expérience utilisateur révolutionnaire. Avec un portail centralisé offrant des données précises et des graphiques actualisés en temps réel, ShibaSwap 2.0 s’annonce comme le fer de lance de l’écosystème Shiba Inu.

Les utilisateurs de ShibaSwap peuvent donc se préparer à un bond en avant dans l’univers crypto, avec une expérience améliorée et des fonctionnalités innovantes à portée de clic.

Découvre notre newsletter gratuite
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Notons que le DEX ShibaSwap, après avoir gagné en popularité, attire de plus en plus d’utilisateurs grâce à sa simplicité et ses services de qualité. Certifié par Certik en janvier 2023, il surpasse ses concurrents comme PancakeSwap et 1inch Network, assurant la sécurité des transactions et consolidant son rôle dans l’écosystème Shiba Inu.

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Mikaia A. avatar

Mikaia A.

La révolution blockchain et crypto est en marche ! Et le jour où les impacts se feront ressentir sur l’économie la plus vulnérable de ce Monde, contre toute espérance, je dirai que j’y étais pour quelque chose


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Cable Company Worker Electrocuted While Working on Utility Pole in Upstate New York



A man working on a utility pole was electrocuted early Friday when low-hanging wires made contact with the basket of his truck, according to police.

The cable company worker was doing routine maintenance in rural Berne, about 15 miles (24 kilometers) west of Albany, at around 2:30 a.m. when the wires touched the basket of the Spectrum truck, electrocuting the man and causing the truck to explode and catch fire, Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple told the Times-Union of Albany.

The unidentified 56-year-old man, who was working alone, was pronounced dead at the scene.

A spokesperson for Charter Communications, Spectrum’s parent company, said it was “a devastating loss.”

“This was a tragic accident with an employee who had been with us for more than 25 years,” spokesperson Lara Pritchard said in an email. “Our deepest condolences go out to his family, friends and coworkers who worked with him every day.”

Workers will often perform equipment maintenance and upgrades overnight to prevent service interruptions during high-usage hours.

Copyright 2024 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

New York

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GeoVera Combining Carriers with SafePort to Create GeoVera Nova Holdings



GeoVera Insurance Holdings entered into a definitive agreement to sell its insurance carriers and managing general agent businesses.

Upon completion of the deals, a newly formed entity, GeoVera Nova Holdings Inc., will control four insurance operating subsidiaries: GeoVera Insurance Co., GeoVera Specialty Insurance Co., Coastal Select Insurance Co., and SafePort Insurance Co., a property-focused insurance carrier.

Additionally, the MGA operations of GeoVera will be acquired by SageSure, one of the an MGA focused on catastrophe-exposed markets, and GeoVera Nova will become a carrier partner of SageSure.

As part of the transaction, GeoVera’s existing investors, including Flexpoint Ford, New Capital Partners, and AXA XL, will exit as shareholders.

The transaction is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2024, subject to the receipt of required regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions.

GeoVera is a provider of specialty property insurance products focused on catastrophe-exposed properties in the earthquake and wind markets, operating on both an admitted and surplus lines basis. GeoVera is headquartered in Fairfield, California, with offices in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Jacksonville, Florida and Tampa, Florida.

SafePort has a reported 50,000 policyholders and more than $165 million of premium. SafePort offers homeowners, dwelling fire, and commercial coverage through SageSure, SafePort’s program manager. SageSure is an MGA specializing in coastal residential and commercial property insurance.


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