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Ether Explosive Move – ETH June 08 Technical Analysis



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The current consolidation on Ether (ETH) may come to an end soon, suggesting an explosive move is coming. Although the direction of the price is still unclear, a bearish scenario seems likely.

Ether explosive movement

Ether (ETH): a symmetrical triangle on the verge of breaking

On the ETH daily chart, a symmetrical triangle is being formed. Support from the March low forms the lower part of the triangle, while resistance from the year high forms the upper part. With a current price of around $1800, it is possible that this setup is about to be broken. Ether (ETH) price is indeed approaching the top of the triangle, suggesting an impending explosive move.

Unlike Bitcoin, ETH has yet to show a clear direction. However, a breakout of the triangle down seems more likely. Several factors support this hypothesis: first, Bitcoin could end the month in the red, and the battle of the SEC against the exchanges could also have a negative impact on the big cryptos. Additionally, the reaction of Ether (ETH) to the upper part of the triangle shows insufficient bullish momentum to initiate a bull run. In this context, a break to the downside of this pattern is possible, although a bullish scenario cannot be ruled out.

Ether explosive move
Ether (ETH) candlestick chart, daily scale – source: TradingView

Levels to watch?

It is important to watch some key levels that could indicate the future direction of ETH price. On the downside, the breakout of the May low ($1737) could trigger a bigger correction. This could bring the price of ether (ETH) towards the 200-day moving average, currently at $1620. To maintain a long-term bullish structure, it would be necessary for the price to rebound from this level.

However, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) suggests a bullish scenario. Indeed, we are seeing a breakout of a descending triangle on the 14-day RSI, indicating increasing buying pressure. From this perspective, a rise in Ether (ETH) towards $2000 seems imminent.

Admission: $1860;

Stop: $1893;

Goal: $1620.

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Beyond the usual suspects: 5 fresh data science tools to try today



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Serdar Yegulalp is a senior writer at InfoWorld, covering software development and operations tools, machine learning, containerization, and reviews of products in those categories. Before joining InfoWorld, Serdar wrote for the original Windows Magazine, InformationWeek, the briefly resurrected Byte, and a slew of other publications. When he’s not covering IT, he’s writing SF and fantasy published under his own personal imprint, Infinimata Press.

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Generative AI won’t fix cloud migration



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Management was optimistic when XYZ, Inc., embarked on a journey to migrate its extensive legacy systems to the cloud using cutting-edge generative AI tools. Partnering with a leading AI solutions vendor promised efficiency and reduced costs. However, the generative AI tools needed help to handle the complexity and specificity of XYZ’s systems, which led to frequent manual interventions. Timelines were constantly revised, and the project ran over budget six months into the migration. What was supposed to be a streamlined process turned into a tangled web of unexpected expenses and delays. How could this happen?  

XYZ’s experience contradicts McKinsey’s claim that “the use of generative AI is cutting down cloud migration efforts by 30% to 50% when done correctly.” Smash cut to my inbox, where enterprises that want to do cloud migrations on the cheap keep asking about generative AI-powered migration tools that shorten this process.   

Of course, there are legitimate benefits to using AI for migration, such as developing net-new applications and application refactoring. However, the overall tone of this article and others often reinforce the hope that generative AI will save us from talent shortages and compressed migration schedules.  

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HR professionals trust AI recommendations



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When it comes to AI and hiring, 73% of HR professionals surveyed said they trust AI to recommend whom to hire, according to a newly released report from HireVue, provider of a hiring platform that leverages AI. However, the same survey indicated that workers are not sold on the use of AI for hiring.

Released July 11, HireVue’s 2024 Global Guide to AI in Hiring is downloadable from HireVue’s website. It includes data from a survey of 3,100 workers and 1,000 HR professionals across the USA, UK, and Australia. The report states that 73% of HR professionals say they trust AI to make candidate recommendations and that 70% currently use or plan to use AI in some capacity in the next year. Also, 66% of HR professionals have a more positive attitude toward the use of AI in the workplace compared to a year ago. By contrast, 75% of workers surveyed said they were opposed to AI making final hiring decisions, and 79% said they would like to know if an employer is using AI in the hiring process when they apply for a job. Still, 49% of workers believe AI could help the issue of bias and unfair treatment in hiring.

Both HR professionals and workers seem equally comfortable with AI’s role in minor, tedious tasks, such as automated responses for hiring leaders and résumé writing for job seekers. While HR professionals are largely in favor of gaining efficiencies throughout the hiring process, workers have concerns about AI’s role as they progress toward final hiring decisions, the HireVue report found.

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OpenSilver 3.0 previews AI-powered UI designer for .NET



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OpenSilver 3.0 also features a drag-and-drop UI designer with more than 100 built-in controls and support for Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code editor in addition to already supporting the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE. These moves extend the OpenSilver development environment to Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, Userware said.

OpenSilver 3.0 also introduces, an online XAML designer that allows developers to build an app directly in the web browser, with no installation required. Developers then can transition to Visual Studio for further development. was built using OpenSilver.

OpenSilver 3.0 also improves the ability to load XAML dynamically from a string at runtime, revamps how resources are packaged into compiled assemblies, and moves TypeScript definitions to a separate NuGet package (OpenSilver.TypeScriptDefinitionsToCSharp). Further, as part of the 3.0 release, Userware is expanding professional services to help businesses leverage .NET and AI.

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Safety off: Programming in Rust with `unsafe`



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extern "C" {
    fn abs(input: i32) -> i32;

fn main() {
    unsafe {
        println!("Absolute value of -3 according to C: {}", abs(-3));

Any calls made to the functions exposed via the extern "C" block must be wrapped in unsafe, the better to ensure you take proper responsibility for what you send to it and get back from it.

Altering mutable static variables

Global or static variables in Rust can be set to mutable, since they occupy a fixed memory address. However, it’s only possible to modify a mutable static variable inside an unsafe block.

Data races are the biggest reason you need unsafe to alter mutable static variables. You’d get unpredictable results if you allowed the same mutable static variable to be modified from different threads. So, while you can use unsafe to make such changes, any data race issues would be your responsibility, not Rust’s. In general, Rust cannot entirely prevent data races, but you need to be doubly cautious about that in unsafe blocks.

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How to use FastEndpoints in ASP.NET Core



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FastEndpoints is a free and open-source REST API development framework for .NET Core that can be used to build lightweight and fast APIs. In this article, we’ll examine this library and learn how to use it to build lightweight APIs in ASP.NET Core applications.

ASP.NET Core supports two built-in approaches to building APIs, traditional controllers and minimal APIs. Traditional controllers (i.e., MVC and API controllers in ASP.NET Core) are feature-rich, but they require writing a lot of boilerplate code and they don’t match minimal APIs in performance. Minimal APIs are lightweight and fast, but they support only a minimal set of features.

A third option is to use a third-party library for building APIs such as FastEndpoints, which combines benefits of both controllers and minimal APIs. While minimal APIs are slightly faster than FastEndpoints, FastEndpoints provides several features that are not supported by minimal APIs including model binding, rate limiting, and caching. Moreover, if you use FastEndpoints in lieu of minimal APIs, you can take advantage of Swagger or OpenAPI to document your APIs.

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Microsoft updates its serverless Azure Functions



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Although much of the value in serverless computing is the ability to ignore infrastructure and simply run with available resources, there’s still a need for some fixed options that control how your function deploys and what resources it can use. These include using private networking, choosing the memory size for your host instances, and supporting different scale-out models.

You can think of this plan as a premium option, one that adds features focused on large implementations that require rapid responses. Scaling is still event-driven, but you can now have up to 1,000 instances rather than a maximum of 200. At the same time, new instances support fast deployments, as well as a set number of instances that are ready to run at all times. This approach reduces application latency, spinning up additional always-ready instances as soon as your current set becomes active. Larger memory instances get access to more network bandwidth and more CPU.

As well as the default 2048MB memory option, Flex Consumption plans allow larger instances, supporting 4096MB. This can help with applications that need larger memory or more compute, for example, running vector searches for event-driven RAG applications. Support for private virtual networks is another important option for enterprise serverless computing, as it ensures links to other Azure services and to storage remaining inside your own secure network.

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Microsoft moves forward with C# 13, offering overload resolution



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Microsoft, in its latest informational update on the planned C# 13 language release, is emphasizing capabilities such as overload resolution, with developers able to supply multiple params overloads when authoring a method, and partial properties, similar to partial methods.

The company published its latest blog on C# 13 on July 9. C# 13 is likely to be finalized in November, along with the latest update to the  planned .NET 9 software development platform. In detailing overload resolution, Microsoft said that when authoring a method, developers can supply multiple params overloads. This can reduce allocations, which can improve performance. Multiple overloads can both boost performance and add convenience. Library authors are advised to give all overloads the same semantics so callers do not need to be concerned about which overload is used. Partial properties, meanwhile, are described as being like partial method counterparts. It will be easier for source generator designers to create APIs with a natural feel.

Also in C# 13, the release refines the rules for determining the natural type to consider candidates by scope and to prune candidates with no chance of succeeding. Updating these rules means fewer compiler errors when working with method groups. The release, which allows ref struct, also adds a new way to specify capabilities for generic type parameters. By default, parameters cannot be ref struct. C# 13 lets developers specify the type can be a ref struct, and applies appropriate rules. When other generic constraints limit the set of types that can be used as a type parameter, the new specification expands the allowed types. This removes rather than adds a restriction.

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Amazon Bedrock updated with contextual grounding, RAG connectors



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Other updates include the general availability of vector search for Amazon MemoryDB and new capabilities to Agents for Bedrock.

“Now agents can retain memory across multiple interactions to remember where you last left off and provide better recommendations based on prior interactions,” Philomin said. He noted that Agents can now interpret code to tackle complex data-driven use cases, such as data analysis, data visualization, text processing, solving equations, and optimization problems.

Amazon App Studio to help develop apps in natural language

AWS on Wednesday also showcased AWS App Studio, a generative AI-based managed service that allows any enterprise user to build and deploy applications using natural language prompts.

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Nouvelles adresses officielles de Wawacity juillet 2024 pour un téléchargement de vidéos sécurisé



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Découvrez les nouvelles url officielles de Wawacity pour un télécharger les vidéos

De nombreux amateurs de cinéma et séries TV cherchent constamment des sources fiables pour télécharger ou streamer leurs contenus favoris. Parmi les sites populaires dans cette catégorie, Wawacity se distingue comme une adresse incontournable.

Or, du fait des blocages fréquents et changeants de domaine, trouver la bonne adresse peut s’avérer difficile.

ou trouver la nouvelle page de connexion officielle pour acceder a Wawacity en juillet 2024

Dans cet article, nous vous guidons à travers les nouvelles adresses officielles de Wawacity afin que vous puissiez naviguer en toute sécurité et avec efficacité.

Ce que vous devez retenir de la nouvelles adresses officielles de Wawacity :

  • 🌐 Wawacity change fréquemment d’adresse en raison des blocages liés aux droits d’auteur et pour maintenir l’accès à son contenu.
  • 📢 Pour connaître la nouvelle adresse officiellede wawacity en juillet 2024, consultez des sources vérifiées comme le canal Telegram officiel de Wawacity et des forums fiables.
  • 🔒 Utilisez un VPN pour préserver votre anonymat et contourner les blocages géographiques lors du téléchargement sur Wawacity.
  • 📺 Optez pour des alternatives sécurisées comme les plateformes de streaming légales (Netflix, Amazon Prime) et des sites concurrentiels (Cpasbien, Yggtorrent).

Pourquoi Wawacity change régulièrement d’adresse

Wawacity est un site qui permet aux utilisateurs de télécharger divers éléments, notamment des films, séries, musiques et logiciels. Cependant, comme beaucoup de sites similaires, il rencontre souvent des problèmes liés aux droits d’auteur. Ces blocages entraînent des changements constants de domaine pour éviter la fermeture définitive du site.

Lutte contre le piratage

Les autorités mettent régulièrement en place des mesures pour lutter contre le piratage numérique. Les sites tels que Wawacity, offrant du contenu protégé par des droits d’auteur sans autorisation, sont souvent la cible d’organismes chargés de protéger ces droits. Cette lutte continue force Wawacity à changer fréquemment d’adresse pour continuer à offrir ses services.

Maintien de l’accès pour les utilisateurs

Le changement d’adresse permet à Wawacity de maintenir l’accès à son vaste catalogue de téléchargements pour ses utilisateurs. En dépit des blocages imposés par les Fournisseurs d’Accès à Internet (FAI) ou autres entités réglementaires, Wawacity trouve rapidement une nouvelle adresse pour permettre à ses visiteurs de continuer leur activité de téléchargement sans interruption.

Nouvelle adresse officielle juillet 2024 : Comment la reconnaître

Il est crucial pour les utilisateurs de distinguer entre les vraies et fausses adresses de Wawacity. Avec tant de clones et de sites frauduleux, identifier la véritable adresse devient impératif.

Sites officiels et vérifiés

Pour connaître la nouvelle adresse officielle, consultez les sources vérifiées comme :

Ces canaux fournissent des informations précises et officielles sur toute récente mise à jour concernant l’adresse de Wawacity.

Astuces pour vérifier l’adresse

Pour vérifier si une adresse de Wawacity est authentique :

  • Assurez-vous qu’elle est mentionnée sur les forums fiables et les pages sociales de Wawacity telles que leur canal Telegram.
  • Vérifiez les avis et recommandations des utilisateurs expérimentés.
  • Utilisez un moteur de recherche avec les termes précis pour voir les résultats récents conformes aux signaux sociaux et à la notoriété antérieure du site.

Blocages de domaine : Compréhension et solutions

Les blocages de domaine jouent un rôle significatif dans la nécessité de Wawacity de changer périodiquement d’adresse. Cela affecte également l’expérience utilisateur en provoquant confusion et frustration.

Causes des blocages

Deux principales raisons expliquent pourquoi un domaine Wawacity pourrait être bloqué :

  • Actions légales entreprises par les détenteurs de droits d’auteur.
  • Interventions des fournisseurs d’accès internet.

Ces actions de blocage visaient spécifiquement à empêcher les internautes d’accéder à des contenus piratés.

Surcharges de serveurs

Un autre problème fréquent est la surcharge des serveurs due à une demande élevée de contenu. Cela peut temporairement rendre le site inaccessible même sans blocage judiciaire. Le site doit alors migrer vers un nouveau domaine avec une meilleure gestion de flux pour offrir une expérience fluide à ses utilisateurs.

Téléchargement sécurisé via Wawacity

La sécurité est essentielle lors du téléchargement de contenu à partir de sites comme Wawacity. Voici quelques conseils pour assurer un téléchargement sûr et sécurisé.

Utiliser un VPN

Emploi d’un Réseau Privé Virtuel (VPN) peut non seulement contourner les blocages géographiques mais aussi préserver votre anonymat. Les activités de téléchargement demeurent ainsi privées loin des regards indiscrets.

Anciens miroirs et faux sites

Méfiez-vous des anciens liens ou miroirs disponibles sur l’internet. Pour minimiser ce risque :

  • Adhérez uniquement aux adresses vérifiées et officielles.
  • Évitez les sites demandant des données personnelles ou proposant des téléchargements suspects.

Téléchargement sans virus

Les fichiers depuis Wawacity peuvent contenir des malwares ou virus. Utiliser un bon logiciel antivirus assure que tout fichier téléchargé est sain avant ouverture.

Alternatives à Wawacity pour cet été 2024

Bien que Wawacity soit populaire parmi les amateurs de téléchargement, certaines alternatives permettent également de satisfaire vos besoins sans compromettre la qualité ou la sécurité.

Zones de téléchargement sécurisées

Certains sites web proposent des zones sûres pour le téléchargement de contenu légal. Par exemple :

  • Plates-formes de streaming légales telles que Netflix ou Amazon Prime Video
  • Services de musique tels que Spotify et Apple Music

Sites concurrentiels

Plusieurs autres plateformes offrent des prestations similaires à Wawacity. Quelques exemples incluent :

Toujours vérifier les crédibilités de ces sites avant de commencer des téléchargements pour garantir une expérience sûre.

Nouveautés et mises à jour régulières

Suivre les nouveautés et mises à jour des sites de ce genre aide à rester informé et prévenir des éventuelles interruptions de service. Consultez régulièrement les forums spécialisés et les réseaux sociaux mentionnés plus tôt pour rester au courant des changements influençant Wawacity.

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