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Nerd Out About Toys And RCs avec nous le 11 mai – Artisanat de bricolage



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Nous sommes ravis de vous présenter un autre épisode de Hangout & Nerdout le jeudi 11 mai, cette fois axé sur les jouets et R/C ! Nous parlerons au créateur de Make: Volume 85’s cover star – the R/C Thing from Netflix’s Wednesday – Ben Eadie, de la magie du cinéma pour Ghosbusters : Afterlife, et comment il utilise la CAO pour faire de ses créations fantastiques une réalité. Eliza Kosoy partagera ses Eliza Dolls programmables et inspirantes, qu’elle a créées en réponse à un manque de représentation dans les STEM. Et Holybro CTO Vincent Poon nous montrera certaines des dernières avancées en matière de technologie FPV et de pilote automatique du monde des drones. Rejoignez-les, ainsi que nos trois adorables hôtes, alors que nous sortons ensemble, suivis d’un lieu de rencontre virtuel décontracté ! Comme toujours, nous aurons trois courtes conférences, suivies d’un panel de questions-réponses et d’une discussion ouverte avec le public. Rejoignez-nous jeudi prochain, le 11 mai, à 15h00 heure de l’Est/midi Pacifique !


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Valentine Bingo (Free Printable) – The Best Ideas for Kids – DIY Crafts



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For a fun and simple Valentine’s day activity for kids – try this Valentine Bingo! Get 10 free printable bingo cards. Kids will love playing this bingo and usually want to play more than once!

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Valentine Bingo Cards Free Printable

Valentine Bingo – Free Printable Cards

For a fun indoor Valentine’s Day activity – try this simple Valentine Bingo game. This is a fun game you can play in a classroom or play it virtually with friends or family that live far away!

This free printable includes 10 Bingo Cards. And if you have more kids you can double up for teams.

Valentines Day Bingo Printable Cards

The printable also comes with a full page of calling cards. You can cut these up and place in a jar for selecting or just choose the images at random.

Valentine Bingo Calling Cards

Supplies Needed for Valentine Bingo

White Paper or Cardstock

Bingo Markers – see marker options we suggest you use…


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Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt (Free Printable) – DIY Crafts



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If you’re looking for an indoor Valentine’s day activity – this Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt is a lot of fun for kids! You can give a final Valentine prize at the end or do candy or non-candy treats with each clue.

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Valentines Day Scavenger Hunt Printables

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt For Kids

Your kids will love doing this scavenger hunt for Valentine’s Day!

No printer? You can still write out the clues on your own on paper! Add some stickers or drawings to them yourself.

Valentines Day Scavenger Hunt Clues Printable

The clue cards print out on 2 pages. There are 12 clues in total.

Grab the free printable scavenger hunt clue cards at the bottom of the post!

Valentines Day Scavenger Hunt Clue Cards

Each card has a number on it so you know what order to place them in, but you can also change the order if you’d like.

The only cards that matter are the first and last clues. The rest you can mix up…


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Bubble Drawing Bookmark – DIY Crafts



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As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This post may contain affiliate links. See our full disclosure here.

One of my favorite things to do is make my own bookmarks. I’ve made a variety of DIY bookmarks using stickers, acrylic paint, paint pens and more. I’ve even made my own pressed flower bookmarks. For this bubble drawing bookmark I used watercolors but you could create the same pattern using any medium you like. 

My favorite part about drawing bubbles is that they don’t have to be perfect. Don’t worry about your bubbles being perfect circles. In fact, the bubble pattern is more interesting as you vary the size and shape of the bubble drawings. 

Bubble Drawing Bookmark

How to Make a Bubble Drawing Bookmark

Step 1. Set-up your work area. I like to make sure I have a paper towel, clean water cup and a clean working space for my project.

Step 2. Start by painting or drawing just the outline of the bubble drawing. This make it easier to control the size and shape.

How to make a bubble drawing



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Cupid Arrow Candy – The Best Ideas for Kids – DIY Crafts



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These cupid arrow candy treats are an easy and fun treat to make for Valentine’s Day! Kids will love helping to make these and they would even make perfect treats for a Valentine’s Day treat bag!

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Valentine's Day Cupid Arrow Treats

Easy Valentine Treat for Kids

These would look adorable on a Valentine treat board. Or wrap a few of them together in a treat bag. Pair them with these cute and easy heart cake pops and give them out to friends and family this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day Pretzel Treat

Kids will love helping to make these! Have them dip the pretzel sticks, add the sprinkles and the candy on top.

Easy Valentine Treat for Kids

Ingredients Needed

Here are the ingredients you’ll need to make the cupid arrow candy:

Ingredients for Cupid Arrow Candy

How to Make Cupid Arrow Candy Treats

1. Make the candy feathers.

First, cut the sour belts into 1 inch pieces. Have an adult do this part.

Then cut out a small…


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Valentine Science Experiments – The Best Ideas for Kids – DIY Crafts



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For some easy Valentine science activities try these 3 Valentine’s Day Science Experiments. Kids will love doing these 3 experiments -magic milk, skittles heart and borax heart crystals. They are all really easy to set-up and only require a few supplies.

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Valentine's Day Science Experiments for Kids

Valentine Science Experiments for Kids

We’re sharing 3 really easy Valentine science experiments for kids. Make sure you watch the video to see all 3 science experiments in action!

Have fun trying these 3 science experiments with kids – they are all easy to do and you probably already have the supplies on hand!

Just a reminder that adult supervision is required – especially when handling borax. See our safety tips at the bottom of the post.

Watch the full tutorial video here before you get started!

Magic Milk Heart Experiment



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Heart Suncatcher (Free Template) – The Best Ideas for Kids – DIY Crafts



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Here’s a simple activity for Valentine’s Day! Make this heart suncatcher craft. It’s easy to make with our free printable heart template you can get at the bottom of the post. Or, you can draw your own hearts and make all different sizes too!

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Heart Suncatcher Craft

Heart Suncatcher Craft

There are 2 printable templates you can choose from.

You can get the templates at the bottom of the post or you can draw your own hearts to make this craft! Kids can have fun folding over a piece of paper and learning to draw their own heart templates too!

Heart Shaped Suncatcher

Supplies Needed To Make a Heart Suncatcher

  • Clear Contact Paper  or Self-Adhesive Laminating Sheets
  • Tissue Paper or pre-cut tissue paper squares
  • Black cardstock or black construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tacky, tape or adhesive dots (for hanging)
  • Free Printable Template…


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Heart Coloring Pages (Free Printables) – DIY Crafts



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If you are looking for an easy Valentine’s Day activity, try coloring these 10 free printable Heart Coloring Pages! These coloring pages are great to have on hand for a Valentine’s Day party or as an indoor activity during February. Choose from conversation hearts, heart faces, patterned hearts and more!

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Heart Coloring Pages Free Printables

Free Printable Heart Coloring Pages

We have 10 heart coloring sheets to choose from! Also see our Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt or Valentines Day Color by Number.

Choose between conversation hearts, heart faces, patterned hearts and more!

These heart printable coloring pages are perfect to have on hand for a Valentine’s Day party, indoor recess or to turn into Valentine’s Day cards. You may also like our Valentine Bingo.

You can get the PDF printable page under each…


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Free Printable Dinosaur Valentines – The Best Ideas for Kids – DIY Crafts



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Do your kids love dinosaurs? Then these free printable dinosaur valentines are the perfect non-candy Valentine to hand out this Valentine’s Day! They are so easy to put together, and they make an adorable Valentine card for kids to give to classmates.

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Dinosaur Valentine Printable Cards

Table of Contents

  • Free Printable Dinosaur Valentine Cards
  • Supplies Needed
  • Printing Tips
  • Get the Free Printable Cards Here

Free Printable Dinosaur Valentine Cards

These cards are so simple to put together!

Just print, cut, and then add a mini dinosaur.

Get the free printable cards at the bottom of the post.

Free Dinosaur Valentine Card

The printable comes with 4 cards on a page. You can add a mini dinosaur toy to the front or tape one to the back. You could also add dinosaur stickers, chocolate, a dinosaur-themed pencil or tattoos.

Printable Dinosaur Valentines



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Paper Heart Chain – The Best Ideas for Kids – DIY Crafts



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If you’ve ever made a folded paper fan, then you can make a paper heart chain! You just need some pink or red construction paper. These paper heart garlands come together in just a few minutes!

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How to Make a Paper Heart Chain

Paper Heart Chain Tutorial

If crafting with little ones, the plain hearts are a great place to start. Toddlers and little kids can even decorate the simple hearts with crayons, markers, or stickers.

We also have a free printable template you can use to make these paper heart chains. Grab the free templates at the bottom of the post.

Heart Paper Chain

The pressed flower paper heart chains are a really fun version for older kids. Pressed flowers can be very delicate so be sure to take your time and use gentle hands when working with them. The finished pressed flower paper chains turn out so pretty!

For another heart…


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Color Wheel Painting Technique – DIY Crafts



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As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This post may contain affiliate links. See our full disclosure here.

Typically a color wheel is a visual guide for artists and designers to help them understand color combinations and provide guidance for creating designs that have good color composition. Taking my love of color and the color wheel as inspiration, I’ve created my favorite painting technique that I call color wheel painting.

This is a fun and easy painting technique that doesn’t take long to master and can be done by anyone. The best part is that it’s very quick and in just minutes you can achieve the final result.

Color Wheel Painting

Favorite Paint for Color Wheel Painting

Acrylic paint is the best medium for this painting technique but gouache could work as well. The key is to look for thick acrylic paint. You don’t want anything too watery or it could be difficult to blend. Here are a few of my favorite brands for this technique:

Surfaces for Painting 



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